Well there you go, three grainy shots to show you how much my life has changed recently and to give perspective into why my tumblr blog has changed its name. It seems adventure always gets the better of me and it seems that I may be a little bit of a hippy who likes living differently then the rest of the world does. 

I’ve bought this camper van just a few weeks ago. Its a very simple, 1980 Dodge Van that has been camperized by some unknown company and then refinished by some unknown hippy. She’s an absolute beaut’ and I can’t wait for all the adventures we will have together. Basically I bought the van to live in. A practice of living in tiny spaces, living completely with in my means, and living adventurously. Living simply with only what I need so that I can save for what I really dream of doing, driving around the world. However I would not be taking this machine!

I’ve named it “The Wally Van”, and rightfully so! My Grandpa Kirk, his name was Wally, or Walter, I’m not actually sure but everyone called him Wally. He was a proper adventure junky, bush pilot, road tripper, and camper van enthusiast. My dad has told me many times of Grandpa’s different vans and  set ups. It would seem that I come by my unique thinking and ways naturally. 

So spending a year living in a camper van? I’m sure this is conjuring up all sorts of questions in your minds. It’s still raising a few questions within my own head. It seams like a huge sacrifice but I think it will open up some cool doors for my life and also force me to change some lifestyles within me that need some tweaking. I heard it said once that living in a small space forces you outside more. That actually makes a lot of sense. Who wants to be cooped up inside all day anyways. Even on the stormiest of days, maybe the coldest or even the hottest, there is still always something to do outside. 

So the goal for now is to complete a single year. Right now I am working on the van and I will be posting the changes I make as I go along. I’m hoping to be living in it full time by the New year. Yes that means moving into it during one of the coldest months of the year in Western Canada. Oh boy! This should be fun! If I start looking like Sid the Sloth with icicles coming out of my nose, I’m sure my friends will have a good laugh. Don’t worry though! I am buying an excellent heater! 

So follow me if you want to keep updated on my Adventures! They will be plentiful!

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Norco shore….I’m seriously probably going to buy this bike from my friend. Was out riding it last night and loved it. Fits me like a glove! Thoughts people?

They’re off on an adventure. With each paddle stroke dipping into silver waters and causing momentum that pushes them on. Rain doesn’t stop most hardy, westcoast people. This is the beginning of summer two years ago. Alone in the wilderness except for one bright yellow canoe contrasting a gloomy day. The Johnson’s came for a visit. #westcoast #canoe #paddle #robertslake #campbob #wilderness #lake #water #adventure #rainy

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Now that’s cool!

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Dehaviland Beaver Taking off at Tyee Spit in Campbell River. I live here and get to see this on my lunch breaks very often! #dehaviland #beaver #dhc-2 #airplane #tyeespit #campbellriver #classic #westcoast #floatplane #seaplane

This ones awesome!!!

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Yup! Sometimes you just gotta get a little mud on the tires. #mud #puddles #water #awesome #adventure @cruisersam …your air cleaner is even higher then mine! Just build some higher diff breathers and you won’t have to change your diff fluids everyone you go through a puddle!

Probably the sweetest truck ever!!!

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